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Q: Can I earn bonus/promotional credit for past rentals?
A: Yes, provided your qualifying rental included the correct Promotion Code and/or CDP number and qualified under the promotion.
Q: Can I earn credit in my frequent traveler program for my spouse's or traveling companion's rental?
A: No, the name on the Rental Agreement and the name on the frequent traveler account must match. Otherwise, credit will not be given for the Hertz rental.
Q: Can I receive credit in more than one frequent traveler program for the same Hertz rental?
A: No, each rental may earn credit in only one frequent traveler program. This includes, but is not limited to, airlines, hotels, or Hertz #1 Awards.
Q: Can I redeem frequent traveler credits for Hertz rentals?
A: ur partners do offer Hertz car rental awards for free days or discounted rentals. Check with your frequent traveler program for details. Frequent traveler credit may not be earned on rentals when using these types of awards.
Q: Can my frequent travel number(s) be stored in a profile?
A: Frequent travel numbers are not stored in Hertz #1 Club profiles. However, when booking reservations on, you may store your frequent travel numbers in an on-line profile. Please note that these numbers will not automatically carry over to a reservation. To ensure you receive frequent travel credit when booking on-line, click on the appropriate circle next to either None, Airline, Hotel/Other, or Hertz #1 Awards in the "HOW" section of the reservation process. Once you have selected your choice, please indicate the frequent travel number you choose to use for the reservation being booked. For all other reservations, please provide your frequent travel number to the Hertz reservation agent or to the third party booking your reservations.
Q: Do all rentals qualify for credit?
A: No, the rentals that do not qualify for frequent traveler credit include, but are not limited to discount plans, special promotions, awards, vouchers, travel industry rates, wholesale tour packages, insurance/dealer replacement, promotional rates, or any group travel. In addition, reservations placed on and do not qualify for frequent travel credit. Please note that not all Hertz locations participate in every frequent traveler program and some of our airline partners require a flight in conjunction with the Hertz rental to qualify for credit. Program restrictions may be found on each respective partner page.
Q: How can I earn frequent traveler credit for Hertz rentals?
A: Include your frequent traveler membership number on each reservation. If the rental qualifies for credit, the appropriate information will be forwarded to the respective frequent travel partner. The partner will post credit for qualifying rentals to your account within approximately 6 to 8 weeks from your rental return date.
If your frequent travel number was not indicated on your reservation or rental, you may request retroactive credit to be processed on past rentals. The time limit varies by frequent traveler program.
To receive your retroactive frequent traveler credit, you may print our online request form or you can e-mail us directly.
On-line Form Instructions - Complete and mail the form along with a copy of your Hertz Rental Agreement (and copy of your boarding pass or ticket receipt showing proof of flight, if necessary) to:
The Hertz Corporation
Attn: Frequent Travel Department
P.O. Box 268899
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8899
E-Mail Instructions - You may send an email to . Please be sure to include:
Your name, address, phone number
Copy of your Rental Agreement or the Rental Agreement Number
Frequent traveler number
Copy of your boarding pass or ticket receipt showing proof of flight (if necessary).
Q: What are the qualifications for earning credit with different travel partners, and how much credit is given for qualifying rentals?
A: This information varies by partner and may be found on each respective partner web page. Please visit the Partner page for a list of Hertz partners.
Q: When I provide my frequent traveler membership number do I need all of the digits including the leading zeros?
A: Yes, every digit is part of your membership number.
Q: Who are Hertz frequent travel partners?
A: Please visit our Partners section for a list of Hertz partners.